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This is an example of one of our smaller vehicles plowing a local restaurant. Sometimes the lots are tight and the turning radius is limited. We try to match each of our accounts with the appropriate vehicle most suited for the job. This limits the chances of accident or damage to our equipment or the property itself.


This is a local bank that we maintain. The picture was taken directly after the truck completed plowing and salting the lot. As you can see, we take great pride in ensuring that the job is done to the highest standard of quality.



These are during and after pictures of a local nursing home that we maintain. This is an example of a 'Zero Tolerance' facility. Our 'Zero Tolerance' contracts include continual watch over the facility to insure that no accumulation occurs. We utilize our plow trucks for this, as well as our salting equipment. This is in order to provide a safe environment and reduce the risk of falls or injurys during a snow event.